Dancing with Flames - Susan Illene

Dancing with Flames

By Susan Illene

  • Release Date: 2016-10-24
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Dragons are on the warpath. Two heroes will risk everything to protect the ones they love.

Bailey Monzac slays dragons. Between her imperviousness to their flames and the training she received from the shape-shifter Aidan, Bailey can finally hold her own. When her ally is called away for clan business, the slayer must go solo to investigate a horrifying case of children being abducted by dragons. And the only way she can find them is by killing a whole lot of the fire-breathing beasts.

Aidan's father is dying. The pendragon will appoint a successor through a brutal competition, and Aidan may be the only one willing to play by the rules. Escaping with his life could be his toughest challenge yet.

If these natural-born enemies can survive their quests, Bailey and Aidan will still have to face an even greater battle to prevent their territory from going up in flames.

Dancing with Flames is the second book in the Dragon's Breath series, a collection of dark fantasy new adult novels. If you like strong, complex female leads, post-apocalyptic shifter and dragon tales, and the slow burn of budding romance, then you'll love the latest installment in Susan Illene's captivating series.