Babies by the Busload - Raye Morgan

Babies by the Busload

By Raye Morgan

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary



J.J. Jensen couldn't believe her eyes! Her ex-boss, Jack Remington, had just moved in next door…and somehow this confirmed bachelor was now juggling three bouncing babies. The Jack she remembered wasn't soft and cuddly at all—why, he'd stolen her heart right before he'd ruthlessly fired her from her first job.

Right now, Jack didn't have the energy to rehash the past. His nights were spent warming formula—and wishing he could warm up to tempting J.J. instead. Why couldn't she just help him get the babies to bed…and then think about more intimate endeavors for themselves? After all, parenthood wasn't the only passion on Jack's mind!

The Baby Shower:
We're excited 'cause you're invited to celebrate the arrival of one bouncing baby and three brand-new brides.