Sadie - E. L. Todd


By E. L. Todd

  • Release Date: 2014-03-03
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 422 Ratings


**This full-length novel is the first in a series about the alpha males, the first one being Ethan, but it has a happily ever after for him and Sadie, the object of his obsession. Don’t worry kids, there’s no cliffhanger, so read on and enjoy!** 


"Be my first last." 


A beautiful girl with a selfless heart, Sadie Montague enjoys her time alone, reading in her apartment or working in the bookstore her father owns. Male attention is something she never expected, nor did she think she deserved it. When she finally goes out on the town with her girlfriends, she’s immediately taken with Ethan. She is drawn to him as he stares at her with a hungry expression. She isn’t the kind of girl he thinks she is and she tells him that repeatedly. It doesn’t make a difference. She already belongs to him. She never had a choice. 


Monogamy isn’t on his list of exciting hobbies. On the town with a different girl every night, getting laid is always on his mind. When he meets Sadie, he completely changes. Her beauty and intelligent mind immediately capture him. He possesses her and controls her, but his usual dominance only pushes her away. Her sassy wit and strong attitude makes him step back. If he wants to keep her, he has to play this out in a different way. A successful business man and self-proclaimed bachelor, his life is turned upside down. Sadie will be his one way or another. She just needs to deal with it. 


  • Pretty bad

    By Ebb23
    Badly written, badly edited, not worth the download. Wall Street is a "company". Really?
  • Editing needed!

    By Kooky Zoo-ky
    The grammar is horrid and the spelling errors are terrible. The thing that irks me the most is when it switches from 1st person to 3rd then back to 1st. Seems like a totally different person from the author decided to add some filler lines but English may not have been their 1st language. The errors are so very distracting! So distracting that I stopped to write my 1st book review. P.S. Have you heard of character development?
  • Sadie

    By NolaWin65
    Horrible book...immature, poorly written, and annoying. The characters have no depth. Sadie has low self esteem and falls for a guy who is so over the top that he is borderline abusive. Don't waste your time...not worth the download.
  • Meh

    By :)1990
    Nowhere near the best I've read, close to the worst. Grammatical errors were distracting beyond belief.
  • Grammar

    By Dirtybut
    Did you even proofread this story? I can't finish the story with all the errors. Drives me crazy, like a child wrote the story and didn't understand proper skills needed to proofread. Try again. Grade: D
  • Not so sure...

    By 11tms69
    This book was a little too much for me. If a man gets that angry for little things he is generally abusive.nit wasn't realistic.
  • Shocked

    By Awbreynew
    I cannot even begin to put into words the horror of finishing the book, (because I refuse to review without doing so). This could perhaps be the most poorly written book I have ever endured. Once I completed it, I read that the writer is a "copy editor". I can't. Even. Begin.
  • Romantic twist

    By capt_cK
    I like how the author twist the story.. I almost shed a tear after feeling the situation.
  • Blegh

    By Ash8585
    Awful! I don't like to write negative reviews, but got 50 pages in and just couldn't do it anymore. Sounds like a teenager wrote it. Needs a good edit and some character development!
  • Not worth it

    By kayla4484
    The story was very juvenile. Up then down. All over the place. It was very hard to finish and honestly, I skipped quite a few pages. The cussing really detracts from the story IMO. The dialogue didn't flow well. And the main relationship seemed to border on abuse in certain spots (which made it even harder to read). If you like reason stories about controlling men and spineless females, this is the story for you. (And anyone who turns down an opportunity like Sadie did is an absolute idiot. This 'love is all I need' schtick is insane.)