The Prince's Secret Bride - Riho Sachimi & Raye Morgan
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The Prince's Secret Bride

By Riho Sachimi & Raye Morgan

  • Release Date: 2010-06-21
  • Genre: Femmes


Poor Marisa, she's lost her memory and is apparently pregnant! Nick feels compelled to help the lost and confused Marisa. But then Nick turns out to be Nico, the second son of three princes from a royal family. Nico takes it upon himself to look after Marisa, who has to put up with the accusations of the royal family. Soon Marisa finds herself being passionate about her cooking, and even though she isn't sure whether she's friend or foe, Marisa keeps herself busy by cooking and cleaning. Just when Marisa is starting to fit in, she meets a man who shocks her memories back into her. What could have happened to Marisa before losing her memory? Will Nico be able to come to Marisa’s rescue again?.